Rod Stewart Reveals Railway Modeling Side Passion

Stewart told "Railway Modeller" magazine that his inspiration to create the epic model came from American railways and memories of his childhood home view

For nearly 60 years rocker Rod Stewart has entertained music lovers across the globe, hauling in a Grammy and numerous other awards in a career that has spanned generations.

Now, the singer is showing the world his other passion, building a railway models. 

For more than two decades, Stewart reportedly spent long hours working on his 124ft long x 23ft wide railway city model that shows a vivid image of an American city during the 1940s. The masterpiece has hundreds of buildings, skyscrapers, cars in traffic, people walking and railroads.

Stewart told "Railway Modeller" magazine in a exclusive interview that his inspiration to create this epic model came from American railways and memories of his childhood home view. Stewart's house overlooked train tracks, Daily Mail UK write-up of the interview said. The magazine is only available to subscribers and the print edition is sold out on its website.  

As his side passion, the rock star took the project very seriously. During concert tours he would take his painting tools and book an extra room to work on his model in between concerts. 

When home in Los Angeles, Stewart worked on his masterpiece in his house attic, where his masterpiece reportedly lives.

During the time he was building the model, Stewart released 13 studio albums and had 19 tours, BBC reported. "A lot of people laugh at it being a silly hobby, but it's a wonderful hobby," he said.

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