Roberts v. Theron in Snow White Villainess Duel

It happens all the time, two studios start developing films based on the same premise. So awkward. Just imagine how uncomfortable things are gonna be the next time Julia Roberts runs into Charlize Theron at the Vons in Beverly Hills.

Roberts is in talks to play the Evil Queen in Relativity Media's "The Brothers Grimm: Snow White," while at the same time, Universal is wooing Theron to play the same role in "Snow White and the Hunstman," reported Deadline.

So which iteration do you root for you? Let's break down the tale of the tape:

"The Brothers Grimm: Snow White" - Roberts
"Snow White and the Hunstman" - Theron
Advantage: Grimm - Roberts "Eat Pray Love" tanked this summer, as she joined a litany of A Listers who appeared to have lost their box office mojo. Theron hasn't had a lead role in a couple of years, but she's got three pretty high-profile films in the works, so the timing could be right.

"The Brothers Grimm: Snow White" - Tarsem
"Snow White and the Hunstman" - Rupert Sanders
Advantage: Grimm - Sanders would be making hid feature -film directorial debut, Tarsem has one of the best visions in Hollywood, though his sense of narrative can be shaky.

Leading Man
"The Brothers Grimm: Snow White" - ?
"Snow White and the Hunstman" - Michael Fassbender
Advantage: Huntsman -- Even if we knew about the male lead, it would be hard to beat Fassbender.

Snow White
"The Brothers Grimm: Snow White" - ?
"Snow White and the Hunstman" - Possibly Elvis' granddaughter, Riley Keough
Advantage: Hunstman -- C'mon! The Princess of Rock n Roll? You're gonna do better than that?

It's obviously way too early to pick sides in this fight, as even the screenwriters, Evan Daugherty and Melisa Wallack are virtual unknowns.

And don't forget, there's a script floating out there called "Snow White and The Seven," featuring  a showdown between dwarves and Shaolin monks, which frankly trumps any other Snow White story we've heard of. 

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