Alabama ‘Love Gov' Impeachment Probe Over Corruption Remains Paused

The governor admitted having made "inappropriate comments," but denied allegations of an affair

The impeachment investigation for corruption and neglect of Alabama's "Love Gov" Robert Bentley will remain paused, at least for now.

Members of the House Judiciary Committee exchanged strong opinions Tuesday over the future of the probe. However, it will remain in a holding pattern.

Lawmakers convened Tuesday morning to discuss impeaching him over an alleged affair with his top advisor. Bentley has denied allegations of an affair with the married mother.

Bentley has been accused by 23 representatives of corruption and neglect of duty after a sex scandal with his senior advisor rocked the state House.

Rep. Alan Farley said the committee should move forward with the investigation.

Committee members split evenly over a motion that would have kept the public activities halted, but tell the special counsel to get ready to move forward with hearings.

The committee paused the investigation in November after the attorney general said his office was doing related work. The attorney general's office wrote to the committee in February that the investigation "has not been completed."

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