Roadshow Revival: The Hotel Package

The mondo American roots music festival is set to strum in Ventura.

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THE FIRST WEEKEND OF SUMMER... is honored in multiple ways, from an impromptu camping trip to a backyard cookout to eating ice cream for dinner (and perhaps breakfast and lunch, too). But for music fans who dig a twangful and stylish entry into the season, there is really just one way to go, at least if you're in the Ventura neck of the woods when the end of June dawns. That's the moment when Roadshow Revival vrooms into town, with all the power of some souped-up, flame-painted '62 Thunderbird. It's one of the country's most lauded American roots celebrations, and it is an annual tribute to the music and memory of Johnny Cash, too.

FOR YEARS... the revival landed around Father's Day, but the 2016 party'll happen just a few days beyond that, and for two full days, too (a fairly recent development). So are you hopping into your own hot rod and heading along the coast to see the likes of John Doe, The Paladins, Kings of the Wild Frontier, and The Vonettes? Then apply another layer of pomade, and break out your crispest denim trousers and book your...

HOTEL PACKAGE: That is, if you intend to enjoy the full weekend of to-dos, which also include several off-stage happenings as well (yep, an old-school auto show is part of the fun). The tune spectacular has a stay-over partner in the Ventura Crowne Plaza, which is offering a one-night stay -- Saturday night, natch -- and two tickets to the Roadshow Revival. Cost? It starts at $279. Want to spy some other nearby hotels? They're this way, rootsy rockers.

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