Redwoods Top Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in the U.S.’

The #1 destination to visit, per the just-released Best in the U.S. 2018 list from Lonely Planet? California's Redwood Coast.

Visit California/Carol Highsmith

ARE THE REDWOODS CELEBRATING? Throwing a bash, perhaps? Inviting a few friends over to share the big news? Because word has arrived that California's Redwood Coast was named the "#1 travel destination" on Lonely Planet's the "Best in the U.S. 2018" list. The list is a super major deal, as travelers know, so it sets one to wondering just how those tall trees'll respond to the announcement. We suspect that they'll probably enjoy some fog, and maybe some light rain, and some breezes will flit through their upper branches, and some birds may alight on their limbs. Oh yeah, and a few redwoods might grow a burl or two, all in honor of gaining the top spot, though lots of redwoods are generally growing burls, whatever is happening in the outside world. Because the redwoods, as any visitor knows, don't need a lot of embellishments, even of the celebratory sort: They are the celebration, exactly as they exist, eternal, epic, majestic, silent but not silent at all (frequent visitors have reported a sort of feel-it-within hum, or at least the nearly audible sense of something bigger). 

BEAUTIFUL BOISE... took the second spot on the Best in the U.S. 2018 list, meaning those heading to Idaho should make time to see "... the capitol of the fastest growing state in the nation." And Chattanooga, Tennessee, with its historic train-cool hotel, choo-choo'd into spot #3. "These are the places American travelers should know about in 2018," said Lonely Planet U.S. magazine managing editor Alexander Howard. "The U.S. is packed with timeless, well-known destinations, but if you're looking for something different to shake up your travel plans this year, the list will get you inspired. Some of them are cities on the rise, or that challenge our expectations, while others offer unique experiences you can't find anywhere else." California's Redwood Coast, by the way, was the only Golden State spot to make the roster. To eye everything, peruse this site. To find your redwoods love, start here. To support the future of the redwoods? Click.

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