Worth the Drive: Great Day Trips and Nearby Getaways

The shining stars of NBC's weekly look at nearby getaways.

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EL CAPITAN CANYON, GOLETA:The cabins and tents at this famous coast-close destination regularly get the love from major magazines and travel shows. And no wonder; it is one of the few and best places where an adult can go back to camp, but with all the little amenities and hotel-like extras. More Info.
Ceasars Palace
CEASARS PALACE, LAS VEGAS: The Garden of the Gods Oasis -- Ceasars' new "pool experience" -- opened in March. A lot of the pools you've splashed about in are still there, but the whole area has been rethought, reworked, retooled, reopened. More Info.
HOTEL DEL SOL, SAN FRANCISCO: The San Francisco stay-over is part of the Joie de Vivre group, which is both based in the Golden State and committed to "handcrafted" hotels. The Hotel Del Sol's particular handcraftedness comes courtesy of the on-property hammocks, the hot hues, and affordable rates. More Info.
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PRESIDIO MOTEL, SANTA BARBARA: This hotel is oh-so-contemporary, and art-forward, and each room is its own canvas. Think vinyl decals dotting the walls: Room 7 is full of purple-y pinwheels, while Room 16 boasts a parachuting elephant. More Info.
Miramonte Resort and Spa
MIRAMONTE RESORT & SPA: This grab-a-pool-chair-and-relax destination takes up a goodly part of Indian Wells, offering a host of get-outside activites, from swimming to golfing to tennising to dining. More Info.
MISSION IN RIVERSIDE: We're bowing low before the turreted, dome-laden, archway-pretty queen of Riverside. Oh, and did we mention the holiday decorations? We're not talking a string of tinsel here and there. The sparkliest season is outsized at the Mission Inn with literally millions of lights. More Info.
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AMARGOSA OPERA HOUSE AND HOTEL: You will never see a space quite like it. We promise. At the edge of Death Valley, the whimsically painted opera house, which is miles from pretty much anything; it is, however, at the intersection of amazing and beautiful. More info.
ACE HOTEL: The four-hotel boutiquery's Palm Springs outlet is all about the natty unconventionalism, mid-century quirks and macrame. We'll also note the 1974-ness of it all, the pretty-poke-you cactus, the sepia-toned vibe, the heat. It's marvelous. More Info.
AN OJAI WEEKEND: Relax and unwind this weekend with a beautiful drive up to Ojai. Go wine tasting. Visit a spa. Sleep in and enjoy being away from the LA traffic. We will. More Info.
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