Quentin Tarantino Scraps “The Hateful Eight” After Script Leak

It looks like Quentin Tarantino's plan to direct another Western has rode off into the proverbial sunset. At least, for now.

In an interview with Deadline, the "Django Unchained" filmmaker revealed that his screenplay for a movie titled "The Hateful Eight" was leaked and, as a result, he has decided to shelve the project indefinitely.

"I'm very, very depressed," Tarantino said. "I finished a script, a first draft, and I didn't mean to shoot it until next winter, a year from now. I gave it to six people, and apparently it's gotten out today."

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While Tarantino said that he "could totally change his mind" about directing "The Hateful Eight" in the future, at this point he is contemplating turning the script into a novel.

"I'm going to publish it, and that's it for now," he noted. "I give it out to six people and if I can't trust them to that degree, then I have no desire to make it. I'll publish it. I'm done."

But fret not Tarantino fans, as the Oscar winner did indicate that he might be down, but he's certainly not out.

"I'll move on to the next thing," he said. "I've got ten more where that came from."

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