Puppy Prom: Rescue Dogs Party in Rancho Santa Fe

Have a rescue pup? Want to socialize? Here's your sweet soiree.

Helen Woodward Animal Center

PROM TRADITIONS... very often center on the dresses and the tuxedos and the decorations and the music and the all-important "promposal," which has grown more elaborate, and more documented, over the years. But whether an attendee chooses to wear taffeta or a top hat or sits out the slow songs or keeps some confetti for a souvenir, one thing holds: Prom goers tend to reminisce about the experience for years to come with other members of their particular graduating class.

Consider the cute symmetry, if you will, of rescue centers, and how they, too, in a way, have graduating classes of sorts. We're talking about those dogs who head to their forever homes during a particular year, though whether the pups "graduate" or rather bound happily for the backseat of the car is up for discussion. What isn't really up for discussion is this: It's fun, and heartwarming, for a pup, and the pup's people, to return to the rescue center each year for a reunion of sorts. The Helen K. Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe does just this via its yearly Puppy Prom. But it isn't only the alumni of the Fido-sweet facility that are welcomed back to play under prom-cute banners. Any pup from "any other rescue facility" can join the Puppy Prom, too.

WILL YOU REMEMBER... the other pups from the year you adopted your furry one? Well, perhaps not, but the prom, which is scheduled for Saturday, May 9, is a good way to get reacquainted and find out the rest of their stories. Cats will be part of the celebrating, too -- Puppy Prom is not just puppies -- and a Kitty King and Queen will be crowned. And will there be a few bow ties and gowns on the hounds? You'll have to see it with your own marveling eyes. The puppy alumni enjoy romping during the promly happening, but the people like to connect, too. If you've adopted a rescue, consider how much you have in common with other canine-loving rescue families. Proms are famous for making memories. Could you, too, make a memory with a new human friend who also digs dogs? Better straighten that boutonniere and find out, prom partiers.

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