Prop Zero Links: Wednesday, July 21

Mansfield scream rooms
NBC 5 News

It's Hard Out There For a Teen: One in three California teens could not get a job in June. [California Watch]

The Local (Government) View:
It's not good. As Dan Walters writes, "Every week produces some new local government calamity." [Sacramento Bee]

Schwarzenegger Nominates Chief Justice: She's 3rd District Court of Appeal Judge Tani Cantil-Sakauye, who would become the first Filipina-American to lead the state's judiciary. [Mercury News]

As for the Race for His Job: The governor still hasn't announced his pick in the race to succeed him. And maybe that's a good thing for the candidates. [Politico]

Fiorina Backs Jobless Bill: She now says she would have voted for the unemployment benefits extension. [OC Register]

Wait Until September: That's the governor advice to the Air Resources Board when it comes to adopting renewable energy rules. [Capitol Weekly]

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