Producer Scouts: 30 Rock's Hot Chocolate Showdown

Here at Rockefeller Plaza, there's a whole lot of options when it comes to food.  But those of you with an eager sweet tooth have the best opportunity to satiate your palette--chocolate is everywhere! And even in the midst of a very mild winter, there's nothing like a good cup of hot chocolate, especially with these in-house experts.

La Maison Du Chocolat's "Caracas Hot Chocolate": This cup was slightly dry and pleasantly bitter, like a great bite of dark chocolate. The warmer temperature and roasted aroma makes this the perfect addition to the usual 2 o'clock coffee break.
Godiva's "Hot Milk Chocolate": These chocolatiers have managed to sum up a whole box of their luscious chocolatey morsels and put it in a to-go cup. Rich and smooth; if you swear by Godiva, this is the cup for you.
Jacques Torres's "Wicked Frozen Hot Chocolate": This is a perfect hot chocolate for a not-so-cold winter day. And don't worry, with this slushy you won't miss the heat. Their Wicked flavor is packed with a punch, seasoned with allspice, cinnamon, ground ancho chili peppers, and smoked chipotle chili peppers! It's not overpowering, just straight up delicious fun!
Bouchon Bakery's "Hot Chocolate": There is nothing more to say about this sip than, "Oh my word, that's chocolate cake!" Leave it to a bakery to make juice from cake.
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