Presidential Candidates Age in Portrait Simulation

Aged portraits of the candidates feature GOP front runner Donald Trump and nine other Republican candidates. Democratic candidates include, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Vice President Joe Biden is also included, but has not declared his candidacy.

Courtesy Sachs Media Group

It is said that presidents age faster while serving in the White House. Just look at all that gray hair on President Obama. 

Don't want to wait to see what our next president will look like after a few years in office? You're in luck!

A communications company generated aged renditions of all the 2016 presidential candidates, and predicted what they'd look like if they completed two terms in office, or the year 2025. 

"Knowing how much presidents age, we said 'why don't we do it on major presidential candidates?"  said Ron Sachs, president and CEO of Sachs Media Group, whose company contracted for the aged portraits. "The candidates' willingness to serve in the presidency speaks volumes of their service."

Generated wrinkles on their faces and streaks of gray and white hair indicate the pressure of the Oval Office in 13 portraits of presidential candidates. While politicians are campaigning for the highest office, Sachs Media Group, a Florida based public affairs and communications company produced a gallery of the candidates and commissioned Phojoe to produce the work.

The work includes GOP front runner Donald Trump and nine other Republican candidates. Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are included in the gallery. The work also features potential candidate Vice President Joe Biden, who hasn't declared for president. 

Click here to see possible portraits of all of the candidates. 

This is not the first time SMG has released aged photos of public figures. Two years ago, the company released Rock & Roll Heaven, 12 images of rock stars and what they would have looked like if they had not died in the middle of their careers. The work featured artists like John Lennon, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin among the musicians.

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