Mom Thought She Had ‘Pregnancy Brain,' But It Turned Out to Be Symptom of Deadly Cancer

Danielle Dick wanted people to "realize the importance of going to the dermatologist regularly," her husband says

When Danielle Dick was frustrated at being unable to find the right words, her obstetrician told her it was probably "pregnancy brain" brought on by the twins she was carrying.

But "Today" reported that, when one day she wasn't able to speak at all, an emergency MRI revealed three masses nestled in her brain, which turned out to be melanoma.

She died less than a year later at 32, having delivered the twins at 29 weeks to allow them time to develop and her to undergo more aggressive treatment. Now her husband is raising awareness about the severity of skin cancer.

"I hope that people realize the importance of going to the dermatologist regularly. That is what she wanted people to know as well," Tyler Dick said.

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