Potential Democratic VP Compares Trump to Bernie Madoff

Madoff's massive Ponzi scheme was uncovered in December 2008

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In an exclusive interview with NBC News, potential Democratic vice president Tom Vilsack delivered a strong condemnation of Donald Trump, comparing the Republican nominee one of the most notorious fraudsters in U.S. history, NBC News reported.

"Donald Trump is sort of to politics what Bernie Madoff was to investment," the agriculture secretary said Saturday afternoon. "He is selling something that people don't fully understand and appreciate what it actually means."

Madoff, now 78, is currently serving a 150-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to running a fraud of up to $65 billion through his investment firm.

When asked his reaction to Trump selecting Mike Pence as his running mate, Vilsack warned that the Indiana governor might have difficulties reconciling with some of Trump's more controversial positions.

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