Pomona Pumpkin Festival: 25th Year

"The Season of Orange" kick-off spotlights California agriculture.


WERE YOU JUST IN POMONA? Were you on a Ferris wheel, or did you devour a doughnut, or did you admire a blue ribbon-winning home-baked pie, or did you toss a hoop around a bottle? Those are, of course, all things that happen to be round in shape, though the Los Angeles County Fair, which wrapped for 2017 on Sept. 24, has plenty of other orb-like attractions and edibles (perfectly circular pizza works here, as does any midway game where you have to throw a round ball through a hoop). But the general round-a-tude is still thriving 'round the pretty town, though the orbs are taking on a distinctive orange hue, and they've got stems, and they will make some excellent, candle-flickery jack o'lanterns in just a matter of weeks. That's right, it's time again for the Pumpkin Festival in Pomona, which is marking its 25th year at the AGRIscapes Agricultural Outreach Center at Cal Poly Pomona (and not the fairgrounds, do note, though Cal Poly Pomona is just a short drive away). Ready to roam the patch in search of your ideal squash? Be there on...

SATURDAY, OCT. 7 AND SUNDAY, OCT. 8... for the kick-off, and prepare to see "(s)everal new attractions" like a hay wagon ride and a mini kids' corn maze. And the kids' pumpkin patch and farm kids activity area have grown, so if you enjoyed the nostalgic games in the past, pay the section a visit. Admission to the festival is four dollars for adults, three dollars for kids ages 2 to 12. But keep in mind that the patch and activities will be open through Halloween, except for Mondays, when it is closed, and it will be free to visit beginning on Tuesday, Oct. 10. So how many magnificent gourds sprout in the celebrated patch? Prepare to be astonished: "Over 70,000" is the number, and they're all five bucks each, "regardless of size!" Want more info? You got it.

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