Poll: Public Wary of Sequester, Obama Outdoes GOP

Americans are critical of the automatic spending cuts set to kick in Friday and say their faith in the strength of the economy is shaken by the political battles over them, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll has found. Still, a majority wants Congress to enact either the current cuts or another plan with even more cuts, the poll found, suggesting that most Americans want to cut spending. The poll found President Barack Obama's post-reelection popularity bounce has waned, with the poll's GOP pollster Bill McInturff saying it pointed to "significant vulnerabilities for the president" heading into midterm elections next year. But strong majorities said they supported the broad outlines of his domestic priorities, from immigration reform to gun control, and the poll found Obama's political standing significantly stronger than the GOP. Just 29 percent said they agreed with most of congressional Republicans' proposals, and the same number said they had a favorable view of the party.

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