Playboy, IPad Play Nice … and Uncensored

Apple keeps making news this week -- this time for about-facing on racy content.

Playboy and, notably, its entire archive will be made available on the iPad, starting in March, according to Engadget. Uncensored in every way, allowing users to really examine those articles.

And in keeping with his hip-to-the-scene persona, Hugh Hefner -- who created the first Playboy edition in 1953 -- tweeted the breaking news on Tuesday night.

Allowing nude photography seems to go against the standard that the App Store has long touted -- and the comments Steve Jobs has made -- about keeping adult material off their mobile devices.

Of course, the iPad is not a mobile advice (at least to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg), so maybe that's the caveat?

The folks at ponder: "We suspect the magazine delivery may be related to Apple's recent plans to open up subscription billing for magazine and newspaper content which has been rumored to debut in the coming weeks."

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