What a Gas! Paul Rudd Pranks Reporter During ‘Ant-Man' Interview

Paul Rudd took celebrity interviewing to a new high (or perhaps, low) when he pretended to pass gas throughout an entire Q & A session with Clevver Movies.

While speaking about his highly-anticipated film "Ant-Man," the "Parks and Recreation" alum noticed he could twist in his chair and produce sounds like he was emitting gas, much to the shock and then delight of his interviewer. Check out the video above.

"I've never been tooted on in an interview before!" reporter Erin Robinson told the actor.

"Should we see if we can do this whole interview without you even getting out one question?" Rudd joked, continuing to make noises throughout.

Rudd also cracked wise Wednesday when he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"I remember being a kid and walking this boulevard and reading the names and thinking about what so many other millions of people thought about, which is, 'Who's that?'" Rudd said during the ceremony.

"The fact that millions of people are going to be able to now see me and ask that same question...is humbling beyond belief."

Rudd's "Ant-Man" co-star, Michael Douglas, and Adam Scott, who starred alongside the actor in "Parks and Rec," spoke at the ceremony.

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