Paso Robles Olive Fest Is Free, Flavorful

Juicy and mouthwatering times are coming up at a festival in early May.

LABELLING YOU AN OLIVE HOGGER? Well, your pals might, in the sweetest, not-too-intense sense, but only because you're the sort of person who slowly slides the olive dish, the one on the coffee table, closer and closer over the course of a party. After all, olives in a dish are quite finite, and if you want to consume a dozen, or maybe 20, or maybe even more, you'll need to be a bit, well, proactive in your snacking. But surely your friends understand, because...

OLIVE AFICIONADOS... are quite dedicated to their go-to goodie. A goodie that has a glisten-y quality that's unmatched by any other foodstuff, and the ability to pack a lot of flavor kapow in one small orb. Olive hogging? There's really no such thing, as long as you can leave enough olive amazingness for everyone else at the bash. But, if you do require more pungent olive-a-tude, best get to...

PASO ROBLES... on the first Saturday in May. That's when the 16th annual Olive Festival will flower, like a beautiful bud on an olive branch. The free-to-enter happening puts the focus on the wee orbs we all love to much, but olive oil, too, is in the spotlight, courtesy of a mobile olive oil press and olive oil ice cream. Is there a cooking contest themed to the day? Of course, as well as demos to show home cooks the finer tips on using olive oils and the delicious and diminutive orbs.

READY TO HAVE SOME OLIVES, all to yourself? That's as easy as opening a jar, or, just maybe, spending May 4, 2019, at Paso Robles Downtown City Park.

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