Paralympian Amputee Creates Perfect One-Legged Costumes

California-based Paralympian Halloween enthusiast Josh Sundquist has a history of incorporating his missing leg for the perfect Halloween costume.

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Courtesy Josh Sundquist
Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Sundquist dresses up as the beloved bouncing Tigger from A. A. Milne's "Winnie the Pooh" for 2017's Halloween season.
Courtesy Josh Sundquist; Getty Images
This Dairy Queen Blizzard Treat reenactment isn't a Halloween costume - Sundquist pulled off the spoon and treat combo for Dairy Queen's Miracle Treat Day in this July 27, 2017, photo.
Courtesy Josh Sundquist
EMPTY_CAPTION"Possible Halloween costume?" Sundquist wrote on Instagram.
Courtesy Josh Sundquist
Sundquist gives his best dashing, debonair flair as the incorrigible Lumière from "Beauty and the Beast."
Courtesy Josh Sundquist
Sundquist and his wife, Ashley, recreates a scene from "Beauty and the Beast" as Belle and the incorrigible Lumière.
Courtesy Josh Sundquist
Is that sign...moving? Sundquist's 2015 costume was an exact replica of the International House of Pancake's restaurant sign.
Courtesy Josh Sundquist
Sweet couple: Ashley Sundquist, left, dresses up as a stack of pancakes to keep to her husband's IHOP theme for Halloween.
Courtesy Josh Sundquist; Getty Images
Sundquist, who is part of the U.S. amputee soccer team, dressed up as his toy equivalent for 2014's Halloween season as a foosball man.
Courtesy Josh Sundquist
This creative flamingo ensemble uses pink crutches and Sundquist's leg to faithfully recreate the bird's stick-like legs and angled neck.
Courtesy Josh Sundquist ; Getty Images
It wasn't until 2012 that Sundquist returned to one-legged Halloween costumes to the delight of his friends and the internet, dressing up as the infamous Leg Lamp from "A Christmas Story."
Courtesy Josh Sundquist
The half-bitten Gingerbread Man wasn't Sundquist's first Halloween costume, but it was his first costume modeled after a one-legged theme.
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