‘I’m Motivated to Act’: ‘Pantsuit Nation’ Denounces Donald Trump, Unites to Advocate Change

Members of "Pantsuit Nation," a collective of Hillary Clinton supporters, gathered Saturday in several locations, from San Francisco to San Jose, to promote the former Democratic candidate's platform as well as denounce president-elect Donald Trump and his history of controversial behavior.

Some demonstrators stood along the sidewalk outside San Jose's City Hall and chanted "Love Trumps Hate!" and "Donald Trump, You're Fired!" in addition to holding an array of signs blasting the soon-to-be-leader of the United States.

"I've been so frustrated, so upset at the results of this election, I need to do something and we're starting to formulate plans of action for things we can genuinely do," Laurie Cavanaugh of San Jose said.

Writing to her local, state and federal leaders are just some of the steps Cavanaugh plans to accomplish.

Jennifer Hart organized San Jose's vigil and remains optimistic that peace and persistence can lead to progress.

"I think that organizing a positive group of people who want to see positive changes that actually benefit all the people and not just a few of the people is the right way to go," she said.

A similar mood of steadfastness was echoed by protesters hoisting lit candles and signs revealing raw emotion into the air outside San Francisco City Hall.

Andrea Gray, who marched during the critical Roe v. Wade battle decades ago, says that she plans to return to the nation's capital and continue Clinton's political fight.

"I just bought my ticket to go to the 'Million Women March' on Washington Jan. 21," she said. "We're not going to take this lying down."

That event is expected to draw droves of women who plan to scold Trump and his values the day after his inauguration, according to The New York Times.

Others present at San Francisco's peaceful vigil maintained that they won't remain silent leading up to that rally.

"I'm motivated to act," Trina Robbins said. "I don't want to wait until (Trump) is inaugurated."

Aside from protesters in the Bay Area, those not satisfied with the America's future leader in the White House also popped up for a fourth consecutive day in rallies and demonstrations in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles to name a few.

While several thousands of people continue to criticize Trump, not all of those making a public statement have focused on condemning the election. In San Francisco, some folks promoted healing and love Saturday while participating in a friendly group hug.

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