“I'm Stuck In This Plane”: Napping Worker Trapped in Jet's Cargo Called 911

The airport worker who woke up from a nap and found himself trapped in the baggage compartment of an airborne jet called 911 in a panic from the belly of Alaska Airlines Flight 448 this week, NBC News reported. In the 911 call, released earlier Thursday, the man never makes it clear to a confused but persistent female operator that he's an airport worker trapped in the plane's sealed baggage hold. "I'm inside a plane. I feel like it's moving in the air," he tells the operator. "Flight 448. Can you please tell somebody stop it?" The man told NBC News Thursday in a brief phone interview that he feels "good" and was back working as a contract employee at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. A spokeswoman for Alaska Airlines told NBC News that he had been permanently barred from working for the airline.

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