Common, Emma Stone, Michael Keaton and Other Stars React to 2015 Oscar Nominations

Reactions to the 2015 Academy Award nominations, announced Thursday in Beverly Hills, California:

— "I don't care how much people tell you, 'It's gonna happen.' When it happens, you're thrilled." — Michael Keaton on his best-actor nod for "Birdman."

— "One could say, only two times?" — Composer Alexandre Desplat, a double nominee for his original scores for "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and "The Imitation Game."

— "A guy doesn't think about things like this when he starts doing summer theater in Bigfork, Montana in the '70s." — J.K. Simmons, nominated for his supporting role in "Whiplash."

— "I am so (expletive) excited. Are you allowed to say (expletive) when you're making a statement for the Oscars?" — Emma Stone, supporting-actress nominee for "Birdman."

— "Just thinking about creating songs in music and in hip-hop, and for me to say ... I'm an Oscar-nominated person, it's incredible." — Rapper Common, nominated for his original song "Glory" from "Selma."

— "I was in a deep, dark sleep. I was in a dazed state. I was half undressed and stumbled to the door. I found my manger there brandishing a phone with a lot of screams coming out of it." — Eddie Redmayne on how he learned he was nominated for best actor for "The Theory of Everything."

— "Even though we're up for best documentary, I feel it's the best acting I've ever done." — Actor Jeff Garlin, a producer of nominated documentary feature "Finding Vivian Maier."

— "To ring my parents who are both actors and tell them that their only son has been nominated for an Oscar is one of the proudest moments of my life." — Benedict Cumberbatch on his best actor nod for "The Imitation Game."

— "My dad, who's so wrapped up right now in football scores and numbers ... calls me and goes, 'Kid, kid, this is good.' I'm like, 'What, Dad?' He said, 'We got seven.' I said, "Who got seven? What team?' He goes, 'No, our family. We got seven nominations.' — Laura Dern, nominated for her supporting role in "Wild," on her father, Bruce Dern, keeping track of the acting family's Oscar nods.

— "Now I guess Baymax has to go out and pick out a tux." — Chris Williams, co-director of "Big Hero 6," nominated for best animated feature.

— "I was in my pajamas when I got the news." — Best-actress nominee for "The Theory of Everything," Felicity Jones.

— "That's a question you'd have to present to people in the White House." — Laura Poitras on whether Edward Snowden, the subject of her nominated documentary, "Citizenfour," will attend the Oscar ceremony.

— "We feel very deeply honored and thrilled and, frankly, very, very pleased with ourselves all around." — Writer-director Wes Anderson, whose film "The Grand Budapest Hotel" is up for nine Oscars, including best picture.

— "I spent a few years in Los Angeles and I used to stand outside the Baskin-Robbins and watch the limos going by, and it's a bit like Cinderella finally being invited to the ball." — Anthony McCarten, nominated for his screenplay and as a producer of "The Theory of Everything."

— "No comment. I've been called worse." — Cinematographer Dick Pope, whose name was pronounced as "Dick Poop" when he was nominated for his work in "Mr. Turner."

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