On the Horizon: ‘Star Trek’ 50th Anniversary Con

Over 100 'Star Trek' luminaries will attend the galactic gathering in Las Vegas.

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WHEN YOU'RE HELMING THE ENTERPRISE... you have to have a knack for looking far into the distance, across the reaches of space and time, to foretell what challenges you might face in the days and years and decades to come. It's kind of Starfleet Academy 101, really; foreprepared is, well, foreprepared, and wearing one of the most famous uniforms in all of pop culture means you're able to look far beyond tomorrow. To plan a "Star Trek" convention, the majorest of major "Star Trek conventions, one needs a similar set of skills in the whole "foreplanning" department. You don't just throw the whole thing together in a matter of days or even a month, not when it is the 50th anniversary of the cosmic phenom and not when over 100 "Star Trek" celebrities are set to show. You look almost a year out, like a Starfleet captain might, and you start planning your mission months and months ahead of the actual event. It's just logical, is all, and it is exactly what is going down with Creation Entertainment's mondo annual everybody's-there Las Vegas extravaganza. The "Star Trek" convention is a mega extravaganza each and every year, of course, but the 2016 party, the 50th bash, is as big as a wormhole and just as able to pull fans in from every direction of the compass.

AUG. 3 THROUGH 7... are the dates for the 2016 con, and details are already scurrying out, Tribble-style, from the Creation Entertainment headquarters. The aforementioned 100+ "Star Trek" cast members and creatives due to show is a major headline, as is the fact that the term "50th" might be seen on a lot of merch. The Rio Suites Hotel-based bash'll also include giveaways, costume displays, "convention-only freebies," and ample opportunities for you to wear your full Borg regalia. It's a five-day convention and thousands of true-blue Trekkers are expected, especially given the anniversary-year cachet. Ready to start prepping your ship for lift-off? With a destination of Las Vegas? You can follow all the reveals at the Creation Entertainment "Star Trek" site. 

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