Olivia Munn Dishes on Her White House Visit on “Tonight”

Actress Olivia Munn shared details about her September visit to the White House on "The Tonight Show" Friday.

Munn and her parents were invited to meet President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden after she launched "It's On Us," a campaign aimed at preventing sexual assault.

"The Newsroom" star explained that she stayed in a hotel to take a nap while her mother and stepfather went sight-seeing in D.C. Munn, who is first generation American and whose mom is of Chinese heritage, said when her parents returned to the hotel, her mom declared "there's not much to see here but we took lots of pictures."

Munn couldn't believe her parents didn't see the White House but when the actress looked at the camera she found photos of her parents standing right in front of it.

"What's that picture?" Munn asked her mom.

"We see everyone take pictures, right here on this spot," Munn said, imitating her mom's accent. "I don't know why."

Munn said her stepdad wanted to ask someone why is everyone taking photos but her mother said, "no, they'll think we're stupid if we asked. Just stand there, we'll take a picture too."

When meeting Obama and Biden, Munn said, "The president was great and Biden is awesome, he's just like how everyone impersonates him," she said. When shaking her hand, Munn said, Biden leaned in close to her face and spoke loudly.

When Biden shook Munn's stepfather's hand, he maintained his grip while speaking to other people -- which lasted for over a minute, Munn said. 

"It was so exciting today," Munn's stepfather told her later. "I got to shake Obama's hand and hold Biden's." 

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