OC Brew Ha Ha Boasts 100+ Beers, Yacht Rock

The suds celebration gives a sweet goodbye to summer, in Silverado.

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THE FINAL SATURDAY OF SUMMER? It has a golden thread of bittersweetness woven through its heart. Even if you're a fan of fall, and can't wait for the holidays to begin, saying farewell to the season that wears a crown of carefree-a-tude is always a complicated matter. And, true, the first day of autumn is on a Saturday — Sept. 22, to be exact — which means that both summer and fall will share that single day. But the Saturday before? As in Sept. 15? That's your last summer Saturday of the year, in full, so finding a festivity that speaks to some of your favorite pursuits is an ideal route to take. And if you like trying out regional beers, and listening to the smooth sounds of a band playing the Yacht Rock-inspired stylings of the late 1970s and early '80s, and you adore being outside during this moment of change, best invite your favorite designated driver and roll for Silverado, where the...

OC BREW HA HA CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL... will pop up, with flavor, quality, and style, on Saturday, Sept. 15 at Lakeview Park. First things first: Be 21, or older than 21, okay? Yes, good. Second things second: This is an afternoon whoop-di-doo, from noon to 4 o'clock, so grab a sunhat, your sunblock, and your love of basking in a few beams while sipping a few outstanding brews. Over 100 beers will be tryable, with Chapman Crafted, TAPS Brewing, Burgeon Brewing, and Wild Barrel all putting in enthusiastic appearances. The band on stage, summoning that Yacht Rock cachet? It's Captain's Quarters, oh yeah. A general ticket is $45, but if you live the VIP life, go for the $60 option. And your designated driver's entry? That's twenty bucks. Get more on this popular Orange County foam-it-up, which will celebrate its first decade in one short year. As fast as summer always goes, you know that year will be here in a foamy flash.

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