Obama Checks Into Foursquare, Is Google+ Next?


Tech-savvy President Barack Obama just checked into Foursquare, the location-based social network that shows where a person's been at. Hope he didn't feel too old to earn his "Newbie Badge."

Okay, technically it's not Obama's personal Foursquare account, so much as it's the White House's Foursquare on his behalf, but still, George W. Bush would have never gotten one, because he was too busy golfing and choking on pretzels.

Hardly stranger to social media, Obama used Facebook and Twitter to bolster support for his campaign prior to getting elected. Joining Foursquare is another step that shows the White House's ability to adapt to the changing times with new technology.

We won't be surprised when Obama decides he needs a Google+ account. We also wonder what will happen with the president that comes after Obama. After all, before Obama, the gadgets in the White house kind of sucked.

Are we going to see as great of a social media push by future presidents? It'd be kind of backwards if the next presidents don't embrace technology as much as Obama has.

Foursquare - Whitehouse, via WashingtonPost and Geekosystem

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