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Tom Hanks Photobombs Newlyweds on Wedding Shoot in Central Park

A man and woman were getting their wedding photos taken in Central Park over the weekend when Tom Hanks dropped in — an unforgettable moment that was captured by New York-based studio First Day Films and photographer Meg Miller.

The Academy-Award winning actor was out for a jog in the park Saturday afternoon when he spotted Elizabeth and Ryan getting their photos taken by Miller.

“Hi, I’m Tom Hanks,” the actor said as he walked up to the shocked couple.

“Can we get a photo with you?” Elizabeth asked.

“By all means,” Hanks said, kissing her hand. “We can do that right here.”

The three of them posed for photos and took selfies together.

“Ryan, you’re a lucky man,” Hanks said. “Elizabeth, you’ve done well for yourself.”

[NATL-NY] Tom Hanks Photobombs Lucky Couple's Wedding Shoot in Central Park

In Miller's video, Hanks even offers to officiate their wedding.

“You know, I am an ordained minister. If the guy cancels let me know.”

Last year, Hanks got ordained to preside over the wedding of actress Allison Williams, according to E! News.

After a few more photos and congrats, Hanks went off into the park to finish his jog.

The actor took to his Instagram on Sunday and posted one of the selfies the three took together with the caption: “Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx.”
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