This city consumes more marijuana than anywhere else in the world: Study

The cheapest city for marijuana in the tri-state area? That would be up in Connecticut, the study found

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Call it the baked apple.

New York City is now ranked as the top city in the world when it comes to marijuana consumption, according to a recent study.

The 2023 Cannabis Global Price Index found that NYC residents consume an average of 62.3 metric tons of weed combined every year. That's about seven tons more than Sydney, Australia, which came in second place — even though cannabis is illegal in the country.

As far as prices go, Tokyo has the most expensive marijuana, at about $33 per gram. That's compared to about $12 a gram in NYC, and about $7 a gram in Portland, Oregon, which is the cheapest in the U.S. The cheapest place for weed in the world is Montreal, Canada, where a gram costs on average $5.90.

The cheapest place for marijuana in the tri-state area? That would be up in New Britain, Connecticut, where the average price is $10.80 a gram, the study found. The price for a gram in Newark, New Jersey, is $11.30 a gram.

The study projected that the average price of cannabis in the U.S. could fall to as little as $5.61 by 2030.

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