Now on Sale: California Strawberry Festival Tickets

The juicy Oxnard bash is just over three months away.

California Strawberry Festival

SUMMER AND STRAWBERRIES... are a perfect pairship that cannot be topped, what with all of those ripe berries to enjoy during all of those warm, strawberry-perfect afternoons. But another highly strawberry-centered occasion plops onto the calendar well ahead of our warmest days; in fact, it happens in that unlikeliest season, wintertime, in the very middle of February, in fact, on an occasion that's very much about chocolate and fondue and wine, at least in the edible sense. It's Valentine's Day we're speaking of in an incredibly obvious fashion, but consider how the aforementioned food and drinks, as in the chocolates, fondues and rich dinners, and wines, can all include a strawberry component, from strawberry-gooey candies to strawberry-strewn dinner salads to strawberry-tinged rosés and cocktails. And we didn't even touch upon chocolate-dipped strawberries, a mainstay of the heartful holiday. Which makes Valentine's Day the ideal moment for...

CALIFORNIA STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL TICKETS... to go on sale. And that's just what they did, on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018, at $12 each for general admission. The festival itself is still about a quarter year away, falling on May 19 and 20, but you know that the months ahead'll go as fast as a just-sliced slice of strawberry shortcake. It's in Oxnard, there's a carnival, there are cooking contests, and there are eating contests, too, if you don't mind getting some strawberry juice all over your mug and possible your outfit, too. For all of the good things that flower at this famous food festival, one of our state's better known fruit-oriented bashes, unhand that fondue fork, that box of chocolates, and that bottle of strawberry chardonnay, and find out more now.

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