Neiman Marcus Says 1.1M Credit Cards Vulnerable to Malware During Breach

Neiman Marcus has announced they believe about 1.1 million credit card accounts were vulnerable by the malware breach that plagued the retailer since July.

The luxury retailer provided additional details Thursday on the scale and scope of the "scraping" done by malware installed on the retailer's Point of Sale systems.

In a statement released to their customers, Neiman Marcus said investigators believe social security numbers and birth dates for affected customers were not compromised, shoppers who made their purchases online were not affected, and personal identification numbers or PINs were never at risk.

Neiman Marcus said the hack stretched from July 16, 2013, through Oct. 30, 2013, and targeted their Point of Sale systems in a similar manner to the Target breach.

In their statement, the retailer said, "During those months, approximately 1,100,000 customer payment cards could have been potentially visible to the malware. To date, Visa, MasterCard and Discover have notified us that approximately 2,400 unique customer payment cards used at Neiman Marcus and Last Call stores were subsequently used fraudulently."

Neiman Marcus is offering one year of free credit monitoring and identity-theft protection for all customers who have shopped with the retailer between Janurary 2013 and January 2014

Additional information from the retailer is posted here: Neiman Marcus Card Information

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