Neighbors Likely to Welcome Apple

Apple's power may go far beyond its ability to design shiny products. The Cupertino-based tech giant may also be able to bring neighbors together.

The iPad-makers quest to build a new "spaceship" style campus in Cupertino appears as if it will receive little resistance from its neighbors.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that Apple's economic power is likely to draw Cupertino's neighbors in as supporters of the project, which could see an increase in Apple's workforce to 12,000 employees.

More employees working at Apple could impact traffic patterns in neighboring cities, such as Sunnyvale, Mountain View and Santa Clara.

The cities in the past have met to work on concerns over traffic and other issues caused by tech companies and its employees.

But a larger, stronger Apple could mean higher property values for Cupertino's neighbors even though they may not see the tax benefits.

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