Kenya Mall Surveillance Video Shows Terrorist Siege

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New surveillance footage from an upscale Kenyan mall offers a disturbing glimpse inside its deadly days-long siege by al-Qaida-aligned terrorists, a siege that left 67 people dead and close to 200 more injured. The video footage shows dozens of unsuspecting shoppers, including children, walking in a foyer at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi as a group of al-Shabaab militants storm the building, sending people scattering and falling amid gunshots. The footage obtained by NBC News shows a gunman casually aiming an automatic rifle at a man lying prostrating on the floor and firing at him point-blank. The man struggles to stand but, unable, collapses and later is shot again at close range multiple times. In another segment of the footage, a line of hostages is marched down a supermarket aisle with a gunman behind them. One of the hostages, apparently a teenaged girl, limps, her shirt soaked in blood.

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