Victoria’s Secret Reveals Angel Finalists

Victoria's Secret reveals the top ten finalists in its search for the next Angel. These beauties will compete for a chance to walk in the over-the-top Victoria's Secret runway show, airing December 1.

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Kate Lord
Victoria's Secret revealed the top ten finalists in their national model search for the next Angel, including Katelyn Fortes, Kylie Busutti and Raven Erwin. Starting Nov. 9, the public can vote for their favorite model to win and get to walk the runway at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Kate Lord
The finalists will compete in “Angel Boot Camp,” where they'll prove their photogenic muster, try their hands at spokesmodeling, and strut their stuff in lingerie.
Kate Lord
Tika Ivezaj, 25, is originally from Albania, but currently lives in Detroit. She's a first-degree black belt and has been married for seven years.
Kate Lord
24-year-old Alicia Hall hails from Las Vegas and hopes to one day start a non-profit to help kids growing up in her hometown.
Kate Lord
Courtney O'Connor, 20, says she sold half her wardrobe to afford the ticket from her hometown of Raleigh, N.C. to the final casting in Chicago.
Kate Lord
Catharina Lee, 20, is a communications major at George Mason University.
Kate Lord
Jamie Lee Darley lives in Carmel, California. The 23-year-old was trying to make it as a model and actress in L.A. until she heard about the Angel open casting.
Kate Lord
24-year-old Raven Erwin left her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama to try to make it as a model in Miami, but is hoping to become the next Victoria's Secret Angel.
Kate Lord
20-year-old Krystina Holbrook came to New York for the competition from El Dorado Hills, California. Aside from her runway dream, her interests are baking and shoes.
Vikki Vargas/KNBC-TV
Katelyn Fortes, 18, graduated high school in May. She drove 12 hours from her hometown in Boston to the final casting call in Chicago.
Kate Lord
Kylie Bisutti, 19, hails from Simi Valley, California. She loves scuba diving and dancing.
Allison Turner is a 23-year-old cowgirl. She hails from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, where she barrel races and trains her horse. She hopes to make it to the National Rodeo.
Kate Lord
Webisodes of the models' experiences living together and toughing it through Angel Boot Camp will be available at beginning Nov. 6.
Jamie Lee Darley, Catharina Lee and Krystina Holbrook are among the finalists.
Kate Lord
Alicia Hall and Tika Ivezaj are among the finalists.
Kate Lord
Allison Turner and Courtney O'Connor are among the finalists.
The top ten finalists will compete during Angel Boot Camp for the chance to be the next Victoria's Secret Runway Angel.
CSN Philly
Two of ten finalists competing to be the next Victoria's Secret Runway Angel, Alicia Hall, 24, of Las Vegas, and Tika Ivezaj, 25, of Detroit, are interviewed.
Kate Lord
Catharina Lee, Krystina Holbrook and Katelyn Fortes descend the stairs to the press event.
Two of ten finalists competing to be the next Victoria's Secret Runway Angel, Allison Turner, 23, of Cape Girardeau, Mo. and Courtney O'Connor, 20, of Raleigh, N.C., are interviewed.
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