Watch: Diaper-Clad 2-Year-Old Shows Off His Skateboarding Skills

Walking, talking, then… skateboarding?

A toddler-turned-skateboard prodigy from Down Under is astounding audiences stateside, ever since video his family posted on Facebook showing off his skills and went viral.

It's unclear whether the 2-year-old can walk without wobbling on terra firma, but riding a skateboard — and even hopping curbs with it — seems not to faze the boy, who's still in diapers.

He can be seen pushing himself off with his bare feet to gain momentum before cruising effortlessly down the road and showing off with a few tricks. He ends his performance with a high-five for his proud dad.

He's the scion of a long line of Australian avid skateboarders, and he's been practicing since he was just 6 months old, according to NBC News' British news partner ITN.

Watch portions of his Sochi-worthy board-riding routine in the "Today" show clip above, or see the full ITN video report.

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