Rare White Lion Cub “Roars,” Adorably

White lions, a rare mutation found in South Africa, are considered "divine"

A female white lion cub born at Belgrade Zoo in Serbia was shown to the media on Thursday.

The cub, yet to be named, was born last Thursday and weighs 1.3 kilograms (2.8 pounds).

The mother, lioness Masha, came to Belgrade zoo from South Africa's Kruger Park in 2006.

Zoo worker Nadja Radovic said the zoo currently has eleven white lions. 

White lions are a rare mutation of a species found in South Africa and are traditionally considered divine.

For centuries, rumours of mysterious white lions have been circulating in South Africa. The first scientific observations were made in South Africa during the mid 1970's.

Scientists realised that because of their color, the white lions were at a significant disadvantage when hunting and protecting themselves from predators.

Lion cubs were eventually removed from the wild to protect the species. 

The genetic combination required to bring about the white colouring is now considered to have been completely eliminated in the wild population.

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