2 Passenger Planes Clip Wings at Newark Airport: FAA

NBC 4 New York chopper footage showed a Scandinavian Airlines plane with a broken wing.

Two airplanes clipped while preparing to take off from the runway at Newark Airport just outside of New York City on Wednesday evening, officials said. 

Scandinavian Airlines Flight 908, headed to Oslo, clipped its left wing against the tail of ExpressJet Flight 4226, which was going to Nashville, officials said. The planes were taxiing for departure shortly before 7:30 p.m.

The Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A330 was directly behind the ExpressJet Embraer E145 on a taxiway, and was turning right to get onto another taxiway when its wing clipped the tail of the Embraer.

NBC 4 New York's Chopper 4 video from over the airport shows a broken wing on the Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) aircraft. 

The ExpressJet plane was towed back to the gate, and the SAS plane taxied back to the gate. Passengers disembarked both planes and were being re-accommodated. No injuries were reported. 

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