Monk Found Wandering Naked After Eating Hallucinogenic Berries, Getting Lost

A hiker who stumbled upon him alerted police

The naked man a hiker found wandering in a German forest was a monk who had accidentally eaten poisonous berries, according to a German news report.

A hiker called police in Unterwössen, a Bavarian town right near the Austrian border, after he spotted the naked, scraped-up man staggering around in the woods, German tabloid TZ reported (link in German).

The mysterious man declined the do-gooder hiker's help, but when police came they found him disoriented and cold and hospitalized him.

It was discovered there that the man was a monk from a nearby town, Traunstein, on a camping trip by bicycle, according to TZ.

After accidentally eating poisonous berries, he had had hallucinations and partial paralysis, wandered offand couldn't find his way back to his tent. it wasn't clear why he wound up naked.

The monk survived without any serious health problems, and police credited the hiker who found him with helping to ensure he didn't suffer any more than he did.

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