Michelle Obama Gets a New Official Portrait – with Bangs

The first lady has her trademark new bangs and a relaxed pose in the new White House portrait

Office White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy/Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

A new year, a new 'do — and a new official portrait.

Michelle Obama's new official White House portrait was unveiled Wednesday, replete with the bangs she has called her own take on a "mid-life crisis."

In the more intimate new photo by Chuck Kennedy, the first lady is seated in a relaxed pose against a green upholstered chair and a green wall.

Compare the new shot with the official portrait taken in 2009, and the new one is much softer. Her hair is a softer black, she is lit by softer light and her famously toned arms are contained in a long-sleeved seamed black top.

The 2009 photo, taken by Joyce Boghosian, showed the first lady standing somewhat stiffly at a table. In it, she was wearing a two-strand pearl necklace and a watch.

This time around, she is wearing a single strand of pearls, and her engagement and wedding rings are visible.

Below are the new portrait and the 2009 one:

Official White House Portrait by Chuck Kennedy

Official White House Portrait by Joyce N. Boghosian

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