Women Mistakenly Shot at During Ex-LAPD Officer Manhunt to Get $4.2M

Police mistakenly opened fire on the women's truck as they were delivering newspapers.

The city of Los Angeles will pay $4.2 million to the two women injured when police mistakenly opened fire on their truck during the manhunt for Christopher Dorner, a disgruntled ex-LAPD police officer who killed four people in a rampage that kept Southern California on heightened alert for days.

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich confirmed Tuesday to NBC 4 Southern California that a deal has been reached with Margie Carranza and her mother, Emma Hernandez.

"The deal is relatively a very simple, very clean deal. It's a win-win for both parties," Trutanich said. "It closes this chapter in Los Angeles and LAPD history on all issues."

The $4.2 million will be split between the two women "any way they want," Trutanich said.

The shooting happened Feb. 7 about 5 a.m. local time as the pair was delivering newspapers in their Toyota Tacoma pickup truck in Torrance, Calif.

Earlier in the day, two Riverside, Calif. officers were ambushed in their police car, and authorities were on the hunt for Dorner and his Nissan Titan.

Hernandez, 71, was shot twice in the back, and Carranza, 47, was injured by broken glass.

The search for Dorner ended Feb. 12 with a shootout and standoff in the Big Bear ski resort area of Southern California's San Bernardino Mountains.

Dorner was holed up in a cabin surrounded by authorities when a police tear gas canister shot into the residence started a fire. Dorner then shot and killed himself, according to deputies.

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