Levi Johnston Wields Hockey Stick in Playgirl Shoot: Rep

Teen dad bares all for Playgirl

Game on.

Levi Johnston completed the first of two nude photo shoots for Playgirl magazine on Thursday, and the ex-hockey hero’s manager says fans could expect to see "more than they thought.”

"There was a hockey stick involved," Johnston’s rep, Tank Jones, dished to Usmagazine.com.

After appearing at the Fleshbot Awards in New York City on Wednesday to accept an award for “best mainstream to porn crossover,” the thrilla from Wasilla followed through with the old Johnston vow: “I just get naked – that’s what I do.”

"The shoot was fantastic!" Jones told Us. "Part two is going to be fantastic. That's all I can say."

But Jones had a stern message – one that invoked the mighty Burt Reynolds -- for anyone who might accuse the father of Sarah Palin’s grandson of trying to court attention by shedding his clothes.

“He's doing Playgirl because he wants to do Playgirl," Jones said. "A lot of famous people have done Playgirl: Jim Brown, Burt Reynolds, Mario Lopez."

As for talk of Johnston spending Turkey Day with the Palins, Jones said his client has yet to receive the invite.

Photos from the teen dad's shoot are set to appear in Playgirl's January issue, according to Us.

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