Police officials are crediting sharper policing strategies, stiffer prison sentences and newer technologies, for the two-decade decline in violent crime in America’s biggest cities. Experts say the real reasons behind the downturn -- which included double-digit decreases in homicide rates last year in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles -- are more complicated and may involve social factors including X-Box sitting in the living room, Americans’ changing work habits and what comes out of your gas pump. The increase in video game screen time has kept kids inside and off the street. Technology, in some instances has also replaced drug dealing, being that cell phones are the new hot item. Increase in environmental awareness has also led to a decrease in crime, studies show that as lead exposure dropped throughout the 1990s, crime rates dropped as well. With the 2008 Recession, police watched closely for a spike in crime, however it never materialized because people were staying home more, due to lack of funds.

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