Carrie Prejean Almost Bails on “Inappropriate” Larry King

Ex-Miss California dethrones King on CNN

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Larry King nearly lost his interview subject last night when ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean threatened to bail, accusing the CNN host of having asked too many “inappropriate” questions.

The dust-up happened after King transitioned from asking about Prejean's new book and the recent controversy surrounding a steamy video she made as a teenager to why she'd settled with the Miss California pageant after suing for libel and emotional distress.

Prejean, 22, said she would not comment on the “confidential” terms of the settlement. King tried to re-frame his question a few ways.

“You're being inappropriate,” she admonished with each attempt.

After she'd had enough of King's questions, Prejean said: "I think that you are being extremely inappropriate right now, and I'm about to leave your show," UPI reported.

"Inappropriate 'King Live' continues," the exasperated host retorted in the exchange.

The tension then came to a head after King took a viewer's phone call for Prejean, apparently in violation of an agreement she'd made with the producers of his show.

Prejean removed her microphone. Gawker described what followed as a full minute of “playing the ‘I ca-a-an't he-e-ear y-o-o-ou’ game,” that ended with King cutting to commercial.

When the show returned King apologized for not having been clued in to the no-caller agreement.

Crisis averted, King asked Prejean what she planned to do next.

“I’m just so excited to be an author now,” the ex-beauty queen answered enthusiastically, having just dethroned the King.

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