WATCH: Boy Battles Purse Snatcher, Saves Mom's Wallet

Two young children were sitting inside of a car while their mother was inside of a gas station buying gas when a man opened the door to steal their mother's purse, KPRC reported.

"Shocking, scary and sad," is how 8-year-old Jose Alonso describes what happened to him and his family on their way to school.

Around 7 a.m. on Thursday, his mother had stopped to get gas at a Buzzy Bee Gas Station in Houston, Texas. Surveillance footage shows Alonso's mother walking inside, and a man pumping gas next to her car, looking for his opportunity to strike.

"We were just watching him, like what is he doing, we were just looking at him, and I blink my eye, and I see him open the car door really fast, I told my sister just stay here, don't do anything," said Alonso.

You can see Alonso fighting over his mother's purse with the suspect. The man managed to snatch it away, but that's when Alonso took matters into his own hands.

"I was scared a little bit, but I told myself just go with it," said Alonso.

In the surveillance footage, Jose is sen jumping out of the vehicle, with only one shoe on, running after the suspect.

"I ran as fast as I can, so I reached in and grabbed my mom’s black wallet with her credit cards," said Alonso.

The suspect was only able to get away with the purse and keys since Jose managed to hold on to his mother's wallet. The suspect took off in a red Ford Expedition with a woman who was inside the SUV.

Jose was left in shock. But when asked why he made such a bold move to get his mother's purse back, he had one thing to say.

"My sister’s party was coming up and I wanted her to have her party, and I wanted my mom to get all of her stuff back," said Alonso.

The suspect is described as a slender black man in his late 20s. He was last seen wearing jean shorts, a white button down shirt and a red hat.

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