“Bachelorette's” Ali and Roberto Shacking Up in San Diego

"The Bachelorette's" winning couple is heading West for a brand new start.

Ali Fedotowsky and new fiancee Roberto Martinez have decided to move to San Diego to start the next phase of their life together, reports People.

"I wanted to be closer to her," Martinez said in an interview with the magazine at a charity event at Drai's at the W Hotel in Hollywood. "We figured the West Coast and maybe L.A. would be a little bit much and [San Diego] is a bit removed but still close. It's a good place."

Martinez packed his bags and moved three weeks ago, while Fedotowsky is still making her final arrangements.

In selecting their new home, the love birds reached an agreement: Roberto would pick the city, but Ali would get a say about the apartment complex.

"The condo that I'm staying in in San Jose is owned by the same company so I knew what kind of apartments they had would be nice," she said, "and I trusted him to pick out something."

They settled on a one bedroom place, but Fedotowsky worries that it might not be big enough.

"I realize how much clothes I have now," she said, explaining that she's picked up a lot of new stuff over the course of her time on the show and on the celebrity circuit.

The pair are tight lipped on the subject of their move in day.

"I don't want to give away exactly when," she said. "We've been followed [by paparazzi] quite a bit. [It will be] sometime very soon."

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