Authorized Biography of Tupac Shakur to be Released


From his beginnings as a roadie for Digital Underground in the early 1990s to his mysterious death at the hands of unknown gunmen in 1996, Tupac Shakur remains one of the most enigmatic figures in hip hop history. But a new book will attempt to both demystify and humanize a rapper who at times seemed larger than life.

Former Real World cast member and political activist Kevin Powell has been tapped to write the definitive account of the rapper's life, entitled Tupac Shakur: The Authorized Biography, reports XXL.

The project, which does not have a release date, has been approved by the “California Love” MC’s mother, Afeni Shakur.

"Kevin Powell is doing this Tupac Shakur biography with my full blessings," she said in a statement. "I trust him and his history of documenting my son's life, and I know he will do the book from his heart."

Powell, formerly a writer for hip hop lifestyle magazine Vibe, was excited about the prospect of taking on the project.

"It is an honor to write what will be the definitive biography on the life and times of Tupac Shakur, one of the greatest icons in hip-hop and pop culture history."

The new book isn't the only project related to the slain rapper that's in the works. A documentary about Shakur's time in prison is in the works as is a biopic about the last day of his life, directed by Training Day director Antoine Fuqua.

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