Ashton Kutcher “Punk'd” Dates For Their Beds

Kutcher reveals secrets to success and relationship with Demi Moore

Ashton Kutcher “punk’d” his unsuspecting lovers long before making a career out of humbling entitled celebrities.

The wildly successful model, actor and Twitterhead tells Parade magazine that back in the day he used to be so poor he considered bedding girls for their beds.

"I never had to put myself in a compromising situation to keep going, but sometimes I think that would have been easier,” Kutcher says innocently enough.

Until this bombshell: “It was always a good thing when you hooked up with a girl and got to sleep someplace nice for the night. I wasn't there to stay, but if you did hit it off with a girl, her place was always nicer than yours."

The “Punk’d” creator who first catapulted to the stars with “That ‘70’s Show” also says he’s a true believer that visualizing success will make it happen in real life.

When his dad tried to make him feel like an “idiot” for leaving Iowa to pursue his dreams in New York, Kutcher would not admit defeat, even when broke.

On one Christmas trip home, he decided to just fake it.

“So I bought my whole family these fake watches and fake Versace pants and fake anything I could find, like fake Calvin Klein T-shirts, so I could take them home and show them how well I was doing even though I didn't even have a place to live,” Kutcher told Parade. “I knew I wasn't going back to Cedar Rapids.”

In the interview, Kutcher also dishes on what makes him compatible with wife Demi Moore.

He says the “real trick is putting yourself around people you admire” and then keeping channels of communication open.

You can’t please everybody, though, he admits.

In fact, his dad may have been right about him.

“The truth is that I'm an idiot. I am,” he says. “I don't do things by the rules sometimes. I say things that I probably shouldn't say. I push buttons. I deserve to be made fun of. And I feel like, as soon as you can make fun of something, it instantly removes the fear.”

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