Anna Nicole Smith's Doctor, Boyfriend to Stand Trial

Anna Nicole Smith's doctors and lawyer boyfriend will stand trial Tuesday as government witnesses testify about the circumstances behind Smith's death -- and the possible role the threesome on the stand had in supplying her the drugs that ended her life.

Howard K. Stern, Smith's lawyer and former lover, will stand trial along with Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich Tuesday as the expected two-week-long hearing on Smith's death begins.

Stern, Kapoor and Eroshevich have all pleaded not guilty to conspiring to illegally provide Smith with controlled substances.

At the hearing, attorneys are expected to bring forward a parade of witnesses including attorney general investigators, pharmacists, friends of Smith's and drug experts.

Smith, the former model and E! reality star whose slow descent from clean-cut celebrity to drug addict was chronicled on film, died Feb. 8, 2007 in Florida.

The official cause of death was a drug overdose.

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