Homeland Security to Begin Issuing New Threat Advisories

The Department of Homeland Security will begin issuing public advisories to provide information about developments in the terrorist threat, including suggestions about what people should do in response, NBC News reported.

Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson, who announce the new system Wednesday, has long expressed a need to pass along information that does not meet the thresholds in the current National Terror Threat Advisory system.

The current system employs two levels -- "elevated," to warn of a credible threat, and "imminent," to give notice of a specific impending threat. Johnson announced the addition of a new "bulletin" level "to describe current developments or trends regarding terrorist threats, to outline actions the government is taking in response, and to give advice about what people should do to report suspicious behavior."

Johnson said the National Security Agency is issuing an alert for the first time since launching the new system in 2010. The threat alert will expire in six months.

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