Napa on Ice

Napa on Ice

FRANK TALK: We have to be honest, and what we're about to say won't shock anyone. It'll likely be met with shrugs and "what other obvious things do you have to say"-isms. But here's the thing: Napa Valley has some good food. You've heard that, right? Rich breads and organic cheeses and mascarpone tarts and dippable things served alongside other dippable things, with a giant bowl of olive oil placed alongside. The eating? It's good. So when we hear about a way to get some movement in, maybe a few twirls and a few pirouettes, we're intrigued. Because usually our Napa-based exercise involves walking from the cute corkscrew display in one winery's gift shop to the barrel room tour (look, this is good exercise, but it probably isn't enough for the amount of bread we're consuming). But we're betting that Napa on Ice can help us break more of a sweat, and we get to look winter-cute, or at least winter-ready, doing so.

OPENING DATE: The rink debuted on Friday, Nov. 18 with a synchronized skating show and other holiday convivialities. And, like all big seasonal rinks, it'll stay around for the the run of the 2011 festivities and then some; the closing date is Monday, Jan. 16.

MORE NAPA FUN: Headed for wine country for Christmas? Eye the Valley's goings-on before packing your bag (and corkscrew).

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