Girl Fight on Facebook: Moms Arrested

Two Indiana women were arrested for allegedly encouraging their teenage daughters to fight in a video posted on Facebook, police said.

Brandy Mills, 33, of Union City, Ind. and Teresa Mendenhall, 38, of Portland, Ind. were seen in the video cheering their daughters, 16 and 17, and preventing others from stopping the melee, Capt. Bill Bradbury told WRTV. Both women were arrested for neglect of a minor, a Class D felony. The juveniles could also face charges for disorderly conduct, he said. The video was taken by a teenager not involved in the fight and posted on his Facebook wall.

"Officers also witnessed several other adults and teenagers watching as the fight was ongoing, none of which contacted the police department," Bradbury told the station. "Nearly 20 onlookers have been identified and have been … (banned) … from entering the park in the future."

Other than doing the math on 33 minus 16, we don't know if there's much to add to this debacle. In a less private world, one's private behavior becomes public -- in some cases that's bad, and in others where there's a chance others can be hurt, it can be a good thing. If only we acted as if we were always being filmed, it would be a better world, right? But then you see this video and realize cameras don't seem to change human behavior that much.

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